Your business matters: Why you need Obsidian Screens to boost foot traffic

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In a world oversaturated by subpar presentations and messages, inventive visual content can be a game changer. Obsidian Screens technology facilitates and rewards boundless creativity.

Projection and large-scale imaging are becoming increasingly valuable to businesses. But traditional projection technology has its limitations, especially when used for marketing efforts in public spaces. Traditional projection technology requires consideration of ambient light and operative space. Any ambient light reflected by the projection surface will be reflected along with the projected image in front projection. Unless you have a dark environment, you will lose some brightness and contrast.

With Obsidian Screen’s Ambient Light Rejecting ALR) technology, businesses have no limitations.

The ALR screens can work even when the ambient light in the room is uncontrolled. As the ALR screen separates the projected light from incoming light, ambient light issues are no longer an issue. Also, ALR screens are capable of maintaining image contrast in large spaces.

By using ALR screens, tech-savvy business owners can easily expand the quantity and quality of the impressions they make on customers. Obsidian Screens expand opportunities since the images they produce do not need to be viewed in a controlled setting. ALR’s main feature allows the projected image quality to be preserved in all settings without any further accommodations. There is no match for the quality of the images Obsidian Screens produce, with vibrant colours and deep blacks that never falter in daylight or in the shadows.

Digital signage offers businesses and consumers an interactive platform for effective communication. Companies are increasingly using digital signage to gain a competitive edge. It is possible to manipulate digital signage in specific ways or customize it to attract various demographics. Compared to static signage, electronic signage can leverage motion, giving it an advantage over other forms of advertising. Various brands and services may also be showcased in striking displays by business owners.

The lightweight structure of Obsidian Screens makes setup quick and easy for any space. Furthermore, the technology is infinitely scalable, available as SHAPES and TILES, Obsidian Screens can be customized to meet your requirements. Obsidian SHAPES are extremely versatile since they can be tiled, curled, and machined to fit any size or shape. Dynamic and eye-catching 2D and 3D shapes and features are fully customizable to foster creativity in your campaign and branding efforts.

Obsidian Screens can generate more conversation and engagement among viewers than big screens have in the past. Day-to-day business efforts are also boosted by projection technology.

Contact our team today and stand out in the crowd, and watch your bottom line grow!

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