Take your visual advertising from “blah” to “wow” with Obsidian Screens

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There is some dynamic new technology that just hit the market and it’s guaranteed to give your brand that real “pop” it needs to stand out just right in a noisy advertising world.

Obsidian Screens, the developer of ALR Projection Screen technology, has the right solution for your business.

With business booming from both commercial and residential customers, Obsidian Screens are taking the entertainment and advertising world by storm.  The nanotechnology integrated into the screen is the secret to its success.  Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) projection screens are seamless, powerful, and capable of creating limitless impact with ease.

“We developed a professional, very high performance ALR screen panel that is currently in use in commercial/industrial meeting rooms and open concept office spaces. The technology relies on nanoparticles that favor the reflection of projector light instead of ambient light. This gives our screens a dark grey tint, which is why we call this screen type Obsidian,” explains Adrian Kitai, who along with Chris Cavalieri, developed the Obsidian Screen.

The screen is now available as SHAPES and TILES, completely customizable 2D and 3D surfaces that project the most vivid colors and blackest of blacks, even in brightly lit spaces.  Your company’s logo or branding can be any size you can imagine – if you can dream it, Obsidian Screens can make it.  Imagine your customers seeing your logo come to life on a 3D surface.

“If you want to create an impact, which is what most retail stores want to do, you can do a lot with the SHAPES and TILES of the Obsidian Screen because the versatility of the screen material allows you to be as creative as you want to be,” explains Chris Cavalieri.

Cavalieri describes what makes his company’s technology stand out from the rest: “Obsidian uses the most effective, versatile, and robust Nanotech ALR projection screen technology that allows for vibrant, crystal-clear and glare-free viewing from all angles and lighting conditions”.

With the global pandemic tapering off, consumers are moving away from online and heading back to stores and malls for in-person shopping.  Dynamic advertising is needed to draw in customers in this competitive retail market.  Obsidian Screens, including SHAPES and TILES, will give your business that “wow” factor in attracting potential buyers.   

Take your visual advertising to another level with Obsidian Screens.

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