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The entertainment and advertising worlds are being taken by storm by Obsidian Screens, which are gaining popularity among both commercial and residential customers. The secret to the success of the screen lies in the nanotechnology that is integrated into it. Projection screens with Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) are seamless, powerful, and capable of creating limitless impact.

In an ever-competitive marketing field, the use of eye-catching digital signage is key to success. Obsidian Screens are specially designed to provide a superior-quality viewing experience. Their ALR technology ensures glare-free viewing from every angle in every light setting. The quality of the images produced is unmatched with vibrant colours and deep blacks that never falter in daylight or shadows.

For commercial usage Obsidian Screens come in two main forms, each offers the same astounding quality and infinite possibilities through which to showcase your brand or organization. Obsidian SHAPES and Obsidian TILES are game-changers in the commercial advertising market.

Obsidian Screens offer a lightweight structure and easy installation to make setup quick and easy for any space. On top of that, the technology is infinitely scalable which makes the SHAPES and TILES incredibly versatile and well suited to meet your every need.

Through the use of Obsidian Nanofilter Technology, our most advanced projection screen material, Obsidian SHAPES provides unprecedented front projection performance and visibility. As a result of the outstanding colour fidelity and ambient light rejection of Obsidian SHAPES, they can achieve spectacular colours and image quality in a wide range of challenging lighting conditions. Infinite possibilities are available with Obsidian SHAPES as they can be tiled, curved, and machined to fit any size or shape. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to creating creative, eye-catching 2D and 3D shapes and features!

With Obsidian Nanofilter Technology, our most advanced projection screen material, Obsidian TILES provides unparalleled front projection performance, visibility, and scalability. With outstanding colour fidelity and ambient light rejection, Obsidian TILES deliver exceptional colours and image quality in all circumstances. With TILES, you can create any size digital canvas, or keep them apart to make multiple displays that are unique and customizable.

Whatever your need, Obsidian Screens has an option that is perfect to help you capture the attention of more customers and boost your bottom line. Whether you need to impress clients at the office, drive foot traffic to your storefront, or upgrade your home entertainment, there’s an Obsidian Screen for you.

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