Amp up your home theatre room with Obsidian Screens and get into all the sports action this fall

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Sports fans know that watching a game from a state-of-the-art home theatre is the next best thing if they can’t physically attend.

It is still possible to experience that immersive stadium atmosphere even if you are not there in person.

The secret is the unbeatable quality and size of Obsidian Screens.

Obsidian Screens are so immersive that from the comfort of your living room couch, you can almost feel like you’re sitting next to the other fans and hearing the roar of the crowd all around you.

Obsidian Screens are a great option for watching sports at a sports bar or at home. Sports fans want an interactive experience that makes them feel as if they’re part of the game when watching at home or in a bar. Nothing beats an Obsidian Screen in that regard.

And there’s no time of year better to amp up your home theatre room than fall.

The NFL is back in action and the NHL and NBA aren’t far behind. Playoffs are approaching in the MLB, the season’s final weeks provide the Blue Jays with a chance to achieve their first playoff appearance since 2020, and the World Series is right around the corner. Let’s also not forget about the CFL – lost of games left and the playoffs and Grey Cup is only weeks away!

The World Cup arrives this winter, which will feature Canada for the first time since 1986.

The sports calendar is filling up just as the summer ends and the days grow colder and shorter, there’s no better time for a home theatre renovation. 

With Obsidian Nanofilter Technology, Obsidian Screens provide unparalleled ambient light rejection, enabling vivid colours and deep blacks that are normally only possible in fully darkened home theaters. It is now possible to enjoy your home theatre in any room or lighting condition in your house. Due to its perfectly curved contour, curved displays offer the best contrast performance in home theatre environments. Obsidian Screens also boast stunning visuals, projecting the deepest blacks and the most vibrant colours.

Obsidian has developed a high-performance ALR screen panel using nanoparticles to reflect projector light instead of ambient light. This technology gives the screen its signature dark gray tint (obsidian). In every setting, Obsidian Screens provide the highest quality displays.

Contact us today and get back into all the sports action!

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