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Obsidian Series //

Our cutting-edge ambient-light-rejecting (ALR) screen utilizing Obsidian Nano-Filter(TM) technology to achieve the world’s highest contrast ratio & viewing angle for ambient-lit front projection environments. The Obsidian series offers market leading performance-levels at competitive pricing. Available in both wide-view and focused configurations.

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‘Obsidian-Ready'(tm) Projector & Accessories Product List & Pricing

Platinum Series //

Premium ambient light rejecting (ALR) high-gain front-projection screen offering high-end performance at highly competitive pricing. The Platinum series is your ideal choice when on a budget to get the best possible screen for the lowest possible price. The Platinum series is available in both wide-view and focused configurations.


Custom Fabricated 3D and 2D SHAPES using our Premium Obsidian ALR Projection Screen technology to maximize the effectiveness if small digital displays and signage. Works great with Projection mapping, capable of producing multiple high-impact displays that can share the cost of one or more projector(s) & content source(s).

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Shapes by Obsidian

Obsidian Series Platinum Series
Premium Performance Ambient light rejecting (ALR) Front-Projection Screen Low-cost, High-Value Ambient light rejecting (ALR) Front-Projection Screen
Market leading contrast-ratio & black-levels Perfect balance of contrast, gain and viewing angle for maximum utility as well as performance
Offers up to 180 degree viewing angles Available in tiles or continuous screens to best suit installation needs
Offers significant direction-independent ambient-light rejection to effectively handle lighting from ANY angle Fixed & Roll-down options available
Available in scalable, zero-edge tiles

Why Choose Obsidian?

Not only do our ALR screens offer improved clarity, colour and utility compared to current market-leading screen technologies;
they are also a far more economical and higher-performing option than your standard Video Wall Solution.

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