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Tileable & Infinitely-Scalable 3D and 2D SHAPES using our Premium Obsidian ALR (Ambient-Light Rejecting) Projection Screen technology to maximize the effectiveness of digital displays and signage, both big and small.

Works great with [simple, readily accessible] Projection Mapping: Capable of producing multiple high-impact, high-visibility displays that can share the costs & benefits of as little as just ONE projector & content source for up to 9 or more unique displays — Create so much more, for so much less with your investment!

Both Custom-Fabrication & Stock SHAPES & Signage solutions for ANY size & application are available!

Contact us with your ideas and let us help bring your content to life!

Shapes by Obsidian

Obsidian Series //

Visible. Versatile. Scalable.

Ambient-Light Rejecting Displays : With Obsidian, Reject your room lights, NOT your Content.

Projection has never been clearer using our cutting-edge ambient-light-rejecting (ALR) projection panels with Obsidian Nano-Filter(TM) technology to achieve the world’s highest contrast & viewing angle for harsh front-projection environments. The Obsidian series offers market leading performance-levels at competitive pricing. Available in both wide-view and focused configurations.

Product Info Sheet

‘Obsidian-Ready'(tm) Projector & Accessories Product List & Pricing

Platinum Series //

Premium ambient light rejecting (ALR) high-gain front-projection screen offering high-end performance at highly competitive pricing. The Platinum series is your ideal choice when on a budget to get the best possible screen for the lowest possible price. The Platinum series is available in both wide-view and focused configurations.

Obsidian Series Platinum Series
Premium Performance Ambient light rejecting (ALR) Front-Projection Screen Low-cost, High-Value Ambient light rejecting (ALR) Front-Projection Screen
Market leading brightness, contrast-ratio & black/white-levels, held uniform and impactful for all viewers & their viewing directions Perfect balance of contrast, gain and viewing angle for maximum utility as well as performance
Offers a glare-free viewing experience with 180 degrees of visibility for large audiences & dynamic high traffic spaces Available in tiles or continuous screens to best suit installation needs
Offers significant direction-independent ambient-light rejection to effectively handle lighting from ANY angle Fixed & Roll-down options available
Available in scalable, zero-edge tiles; Custom fabrication available for 2D & 3D Displays

Why Choose Obsidian?

Not only do our ALR screens offer improved clarity, colour and utility compared to current market-leading screen technologies;
they are also a far more economical and higher-performing option than your standard Video Wall Solution.

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