What is ALR?

A.L.R. stands for “Ambient Light Rejecting“. What this means for you is Projection Screens that you can see clearly with your Lights ON, and your Windows OPEN

Obsidian uses advanced Nanofilter TechnologyTM to achieve ALR with Maximum Brightness and Visibility in even the most extreme lighting conditions.


The Worlds most Effective ALR Projection Screen Technology just went SEAMLESS.

Enjoy the power of Obsidian Nano-Filter Technology(tm) in your Home.

Obsidian INFINITE+

The Worlds most Effective ALR Projection Screen Technology just went SEAMLESS.

Enhance your viewing experience from all angles with Obsidian INFINITE+

Platinum Series

Seamless & powerful, Platinum is our most Versatile ALR projection screen.

With Platinum, create an impact with ease and without limitation.

Obsidian SHAPES

With SHAPES, Digital Signage is made Simple, where the only limit on your Display is the limit of your imagination.

Create Custom 3D and 2D Shapes, Logos and Creative Displays.

Obsidian TILES

Obsidian TILES utilized our very best screen material to make Digital Signage infinitely scalable & highly visible from all angles.

Seamlessly and effortlessly join panels to form large, creative displays unlimited in size and potential.

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Obsidian Screens is becoming the go-to-choice for projection screens, revolutionizing marketing campaigns and state-of-the-art home theatres with the highest quality projection screens available. Obsidian Screens stands out from the competition with stunning quality, limitless potential, and the use of advanced Nanofilter Technology to achieve Ambient Light Rejecting (A.L.R.) to produce stunning glare-free images with maximum […]