Obsidian Screens and The LightBoard Depot Inc. are in the spotlight at the Hamilton Innovation Ecosystem Conference

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This year’s Hamilton Innovation Ecosystem Conference is set to highlight two pieces of cutting-edge technology that are revolutionizing digital displays for citizens and businesses alike. Obsidian Screens boast among the most advanced and versatile glare-resistance projection screens that are changing what is possible for home theaters and digital marketing. While, the LightBoard Depot Inc. is a must-have tool benefitting remote learning for both instructors and students, matching the changing needs of education with a contemporary solution.

Obsidian Screens are specially designed to provide a superior-quality viewing experience. Their signature ambient light rejecting (A.L.R.) technology ensures glare-free viewing from every angle in every light setting. The quality of the images produced is unmatched with vibrant colors and deep blacks that never falter in daylight or shadows. The result is an unmatched solution for home theaters and digital marketers.

A static display is unable to make as strong an impression as an engaging medium, whereas digital signage captures 400% more views. With digital signage, customers are attracted to the high-quality, astonishing visual displays. Visual information accounts for 90% of what is transmitted to the brain. Therefore, it is logical that a stunning large-scale display would capture the attention of viewers. The most striking of them all are Obsidian Screens, an industry leader in digital signage.

Obsidian Screens are infinitely scalable and are available in their signature SHAPES and TILES. With this technology in their hands, the only limitations companies face when composing digital signage are those of their imagination. These glare-free, limitless canvasses are the secret weapon for marketers who need to stand out among a crowded field of competition.

Those attending the Hamilton Innovation Ecosystem Conference will also get to see what the LightBoard Depot Inc. is all about and how it has reimagined online learning spaces and redefined what is capable within them. The LightBoard Depot Inc. transforms dull online classes into a robust classroom experience with improved learning outcomes.

It’s no secret online meetings have become an inescapable reality for workplaces and schools. The COVID-19 pandemic ensured effective communication in a digital space is integral for staff, teachers, and students everywhere. Most everyone grew all too familiar with Zoom meetings or classrooms, and Zoom fatigue set in. Those communicating in a professional or learning environment reached points of diminishing returns in the effectiveness of digital meetings as engagement lagged due to the impersonal nature of the medium.   

The LightBoard Debot Inc.’s game-changing technology ramps up the engagement of dull Zoom calls by affording presenters the same tools they would work with in a classroom or a boardroom.

The LightBoard Depot Inc.’s product sets up like a glass pane between the webcam and the presenter. An instructor can write on the glass pane as they would a whiteboard while facing the classroom. Companies have long chased the solution to maximum efficiency in a digital meeting space, until LightBoard Depot Inc.’s innovation no one had solved the impersonal nature of the medium and lack of connection. LightBoard Depot Inc.’s remarkable technology allows visuals to be shared on the screen, allowing the use of existing content like PowerPoint slides or spreadsheets which the instructor can interact with in real-time. LightBoard Depot Inc.’s screen can display anything a computer screen can display. In addition to allowing the instructor to write, or draw, on a crystal-clear screen while facing their audience on camera, the text automatically reverses so the viewer can read it perfectly.

The LightBoard was launched officially in the fall of 2020, and last year they expanded their technology horizons with Obsidian Screens. Both brands are partners with The Forge at McMaster University. The Hamilton Innovation Ecosystem Conference takes place on November 18th, from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM, that will shine a spotlight on this game-changing technology. 

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