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East Hamilton Radio is showcasing the impressive cutting-edge technology from Obsidian Screens.

During East Hamilton Radio’s showcase of Obsidian Screens, you can see why they’re taking the marketing and home theatre world by storm.

The spectacular A.L.R. displays will be presented at East Hamilton Radio’s massive 32,000-square-foot facility. The display rooms are an excellent venue in which the public can experience the quality of Obsidian Screens. However, the best thing about Obsidian Screens light rejecting technology is that what you see in the showroom is what you get in any lighting setting.

As the manager of East Hamilton Radio, Canada’s oldest independent electronic retailer, Jason Lopez recognizes the value of Obsidian Screens’ visibility in all settings.

“I really like the fact that you can watch it with the lights on. I’ve been selling projectors and screens for over 20 years. And one of the reasons that people typically will hesitate is if they can’t watch a screen with the lights on. If it’s something that’s going to be used on a more consistent basis, particularly with TVs getting larger now, you’ve got to justify it,” said Lopez.

Adrian Kitai, who along with Chris Cavalieri, developed the Obsidian Screen, formally called Obsidian Screen Technologies, explained what gives Obsidian Screens such an advantage over other options.

“Obsidian uses the most effective, versatile, and robust Nanotech ALR projection screen technology that allows for vibrant, crystal-clear, and glare-free viewing from all angles and lighting conditions,” said Kitai.

Obsidian Screens is offering the very best in-home theatre screen options at affordable rates. Accessibility, affordability, and versatility, all played important roles in East Hamilton Radio’s decision to showcase Obsidian Screens. 

“We’ve had similar style screens that weren’t this good that literally sold for about double the price. So, I think it’s going to be a great way for us to offer high performance at a reasonable cost, which is kind of something that East Hamilton Radio has always been known for,” said Lopez.

Not only have Obsidian Screens revolutionized the home theatre game by offering homeowners unparalleled quality at an unmatched price but they are the first choice in the commercial sector. Out-of-home displays are becoming more and more widely used in digital marketing, and Obsidian Screen’s infinitely scalable digital signage gives businesses all the tools they need to have every advantage at their disposal.

Whether your needs are residential or commercial Obsidian Screens can’t be beaten. Customers are welcome to check out the technology during the East Hamilton Radio showcase for a sneak peek at this cutting-edge technology.

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