How your business will attract more customers with Obsidian Screens

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Obsidian Screens give your business total creative control over how your brand will be displayed and the impressions it will make. Obsidian Screens brings in more customers and facilitates more sales.

The marketing world is saturated with retailers trying to gain a competitive advantage and stand out from the crowd. Businesses are constantly buying up a variety of different kinds of advertisement space and often it proves ineffective and a waste of resources. This is largely because they are failing to capitalize on the most fundamental idea of an advertisement, it must capture the attention in a meaningful way. For instance, according to Harvard Business Review, the effectiveness of digital advertisements on eBay is overestimated by up to 4,100%, and an analysis of Facebook ads overestimation of success returned a number of 4,000%. In their analysis of these trends, Harvard Business Review found an issue with the conventional wisdom of targeted advertising, the same customers were being targeted to the point of annoyance and a wider audience was being missed. And yet these types of advertisements are some of the most common businesses will invest in.

Being big in marketing matters, exposing your brand to the largest number of eyes, attracting their attention, and making an impression are the keys to a successful marketing campaign.

Digital signage captures 400% more views than static displays, which fail to make impressions in an engaging enough medium, according to Screen Influence. Customers are attracted to the high quality astonishing visual displays capable with digital signage. This works because 90% of the information transmitted to the brain is visual. So it stands to reason a stunning large-scale display would capture the attention. And as an innovator and industry leader in digital signage Obsidian Screens are the most striking of them all.

When it comes to visual advertising audiences are enamoured by flash, particularly the shapes and sizes of displays. This is where Obsidian Screens SHAPES and TILES come in. Utilizing the highest quality screen material users can seamlessly attach panels to create large and striking displays. Infinitely scalable Obsidian Screens are unlimited in size and potential. The only limit to Obsidian projection screens is the imagination. Obsidian Screens also utilize cutting edge Ambient Light Rejection(A.L.R) technology which means your display will be glare-resistant and the most vibrant colours and darkest blacks will be visible regardless of the lighting conditions. 

Exceptionally high-quality digital signage options are the secret weapon benefitting all types of businesses, small to large, retail to box store. The use of the off-the-shelf projection mapping software equips business owners with the tools to drive multiple distinctive signs all from one source. Obsidian Screens drive sales and traffic and can be the trick to making your brand stand out and leave a lasting impression in a crowded advertising field.

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