Is your home theatre missing something?

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Home theatres continue to become from commonplace in households as technology advances and become more accessible. COVID-19 has driven up the demand for quality entertainment systems, which were already a booming subsector of the tech industry. Many people have worked remotely for two years, and the residual effect has been a focus on work-life balance and quality of life.

The number of people watching movies at home is growing, and audiences are seeking better, more immersive viewing experiences. Thanks to streaming services there are vast archives of older movies and shows as well as new content dropping every week at our fingertips. Discerning moviegoers will quickly discover that their home theatre system may be lacking something if they do not have a larger, high-quality projection screen.

As our world becomes increasingly digitized and remote, Obsidian’s world-leading ALR technology makes sense.

Older projection screens provided a bright picture, but only for viewers seated in carefully positioned seats. The picture had what we call a “hot spot,” which means one part was brighter than the rest. It is common today for screen manufacturers to claim ALR performance to unsuspecting home theatres customers. However, they still suffer from ugly hot spots.

Obsidian Nanotech will revolutionize digital displays and home theatres in 2022 with its ALR Projection Screen technology. With Obsidian Screen displays you can experience the best the home theatre industry has to offer. Obsidian’s use of Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) technology ensures glare-free viewing wherever you are. Meaning homeowners don’t need a darkened theatre to get the most out of their viewing experience and technology. Obsidian Screens also boast stunning visuals, projecting the deepest blacks and the most vibrant colours.

Obsidian Screens are what your home theater has been missing.

Summer is a great time to entertain – blockbuster movies are released and sports are in full swing. Kids are back at home, playing games or binge-watching new releases. With an Obsidian Screens, you can watch your favourite movies, TV shows, and sports in style, or play games with your family.

A high-performance ALR screen panel has been developed by Obsidian using nanoparticles to reflect projector light instead of ambient light. It is this technology that gives the screen it’s signature dark grey tint (obsidian). Obsidian Screens showcase the highest quality of displays in every setting.

With their dynamic ALR screen panels, Obsidian Screens have revolutionized the entertainment world.

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