East Hamilton Radio Showcases Game-Changing Screen Technology

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Obsidian Screens have taken the marketing and home theatre world by storm and now you can see why first-hand during their showcase with East Hamilton Radio.

East Hamilton Radio is Canada’s oldest independent electronics retailer and has been in the business since 1931. Manager, Jason Lopez, has seen plenty of projection screens and recognizes what makes Obsidian Screen’s technology stand out on the cutting edge of innovation.

“I really like the fact that you can watch it with the lights on. I’ve been selling projectors and screens for over 20 years. And one of the reasons that people typically will hesitate is if they can’t watch a screen with the lights on. If it’s something that’s going to be used on a more consistent basis, particularly with TVs getting larger now, you’ve got to justify it,” said Lopez.

Part of what makes Obsidian Screens so unique is its ability to be viewed in any lighting condition without obfuscating quality. The reason behind this is the use of state-of-the-art Ambient Light Rejecting (A.L.R.) Nanofilter technology. With Obsidian Screens, A.L.R. maximum visibility and brightness is achievable in even the most extreme lighting conditions. 

 “That multipurpose application is what I love,” said Lopez. “Because this can give you enhanced brightness without degrading the colour and the contrast, you still get a nice pop to the image.”

The versatility of Obsidian Screens is only one element of its wide appeal, their infinitely scalable digital signage allows for images of staggering sizes. And the images on the screens are incredibly sharp and crystal clear capturing the deepest blacks and most vibrant colours. Obsidian Screens also retail at a more affordable rate than competitors.

“We’ve had a similar style screens that weren’t this good that literally sold for about double the price. So I think it’s going to be a great way for us to offer high performance at a reasonable cost, which is kind of something that East Hamilton Radio has always been known for,” said Lopez.

Lopez and East Hamilton Radio are excited to showcase the best in dynamic screen technology. Obsidian Screens also pair well with East Hamilton Radio’s most popular projectors. As the manager of a staple of Hamilton technology outlets Lopez saw this showcase as an opportunity for Hamilton local businesses to come together. Obsidian Screens will be showcased in East Hamilton Radio’s massive 32,000 square feet facility and it is the perfect venue for the public to immerse themselves in the spectacular A.L.R. displays. 

“I learned during the pandemic, the importance of supporting local businesses because we had a lot of local customers that helped us get through it, and that was really big to me. I’m excited that we could do a partnership with a local company like Obsidian Screens, and do something as Hamilton businesses supporting each other, “ said Lopez. “I really think people will be impressed with what they see.”

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