Entertain at home the right way with your new Obsidian Screen

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Summertime is perfect for entertaining – blockbuster movies are released and sports are in full swing.  The kids are home and gaming season is on. Entertain in style with an Obsidian Screen, a game-changing way to watch your favourite movies, tv shows or sports, or partake in family game night. 

Obsidian Screens have revolutionized the entertainment world with their dynamic ALR screen panels, guaranteed to change the way you watch forever.

Obsidian has developed a high-performance ALR screen panel with technology relying on nanoparticles favouring the reflection of projector light instead of ambient light. This technology gives the screen its signature dark grey (obsidian) tint. Obsidian’s use of Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) technology means projection screens can be seen clearly with your lights on and windows open.

Chris Cavalieri, co-developer of Obsidian Screens, describes what makes his company’s technology stand out from the rest: “Obsidian uses the most effective, versatile, and robust Nanotech ALR projection screen technology that allows for vibrant, crystal-clear and glare-free viewing from all angles and lighting conditions.”

Available in a variety of models for home use, Obsidian Screens are lightweight and easy to install. The Obsidian INFINITE, INFINITE + and Platinum series offer unparalleled viewing.  Obsidian INFINITE produces vivid colours and the blackest blacks, as if you were watching at the theatre.  Obsidian INFINITE + uses advanced light-bending optical materials on a seamless surface to produce a completely uniform viewing experience.  Obsidian’s Platinum Series is the most versatile screen of all, not dependent on the type of projector used.  The Platinum Series provides users with limited options to create a state-of-the-art theatre at home.

With the recent pandemic, we have spent an unprecedented amount of time in our homes, including for entertainment.  

Home entertainment systems have seen sales never seen before.  Many have opted to up their home theatre game with projectors.  Typically, projecting on a white or light-coloured wall, in a completely dark room, the potential of most projectors is lost.  With the technology integrated into Obsidian Screens, you can transport yourself back into the theatre – without the blackout curtains! 

Summer nights are best ended with a family movie or games night.  Wow them with the crystal-clear, vibrant colorus produced on an Obsidian Screen.

Experience the colour of Obsidian Screens at home with the world’s best ALR Nano-filter technology.

Contact the Obsidian team today and take your home entertainment experience to a whole new level!

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