How Obsidian screen technologies will help businesses in a post-pandemic world

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As a business owner, there is no way that you could have predicted the global health crisis we were hit with almost two years ago, or the chaos it would create, let alone how you would react to it.

Businesses being shut down, reduced hours of operation, capacity restrictions, and employee lay-offs: These are just a handful of hurdles that business owners faced, including those in retail, travel, tourism, and restaurants.

If your business is not a large corporate entity that actually thrived during the pandemic, you may be in a business that just managed to weather the longest economic storm in recent history, but the truth is you made it through the worst of it.

And, now it’s time to prepare for a post-pandemic world, which still isn’t going to be business as usual. In fact, business in a post-pandemic world could be much better than you may have thought.

The pandemic has actually forced many businesses to rethink how they do business, and to explore using new, innovative techniques to attract more customers, hire qualified employees, and build brand recognition in a post-pandemic world.

Using the most advanced technologies that will give you an edge on the competition is key to business success in 2022 and beyond.

The Obsidian Projection Screen is exactly the innovative technology to attract attention to your message, your products or services, and your brand, simply because the versatility of the Obsidian Screen technology allows the business owner to create custom 3D or 2D projection screen shapes to suite their brand or logo.

Additionally, the Obsidian Screen tiles utilize the highest quality screen material to seamlessly and effortlessly join panels to form large, creative, and very attractive displays.  

“If you want to create an impact, which is what most retail stores want to do, you can do a lot with the shapes and tiles of the Obsidian screen, because the versatility of the screen material allows you to be as creative as you want to be,” says Chris Cavalieri, who along with Adrian Kitai co-founded Obsidian Projection Screens.

After being locked down and having their activities restricted for the past two years, people are desperate to get out, and travel, go out to shows and restaurants and shopping malls, and most importantly socialize with others, which will result in more eyes on projected commercial marketing in, on, and around buildings.

The Obsidian Projection Screen is poised to revolutionize digital advertising with the world’s most effective, versatile, and exceptionally high quality ALR projection screen, and with 2022 gearing up to be a year like we haven’t seen before in the world of digital advertising, the Obsidian Projection Screen is sure to set your business apart from the competition.

Obsidian™ is a member of The Forge – a business incubator funded by McMaster University, serving novel and scalable start-ups in the Hamilton, Greater Toronto and Niagara Regions.

To learn more about this new technology and how it can help increase your return on your advertising investment, reach out to our team of professionals and get your business moving again.

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