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Obsidian Screen technology can boost business traffic with its stunning A.L.R. projectors.

As the country moves out of pandemic lockdowns, retailers are beginning to prepare for a boom in business.

With people returning to the stores in droves, the use of an Obsidian projection screen ensures all eyes will be on your business. Obsidian Screens serve as your multimedia canvas for an eye-catching digital campaign allowing retailers to showcase their branded content in all forms with high-quality pictures, videos, presentations, text, or apps.

Obsidian’s use of Ambient Light Rejecting(A.L.R.) technology means projection screens can be seen clearly with your lights on and windows open. Obsidian uses advanced Nanofilter TechnologyTM to achieve ALR with Maximum Brightness and Visibility in even the most extreme lighting conditions. The jaw-dropping quality of the digital display coupled with ensured visibility from all angles guarantees the maximum amount of impressions with potential customers.

2022 is shaping up to produce a hyper-competitive retail market with businesses vying to make up for lost time over the last couple of years. The advertising playing field has shifted and while other businesses are trying to keep up with digital advertising, and businesses outfitted with Obsidian Screen technology will be leaders of the pack.

The versatility and scalability contribute to your business standing out, fueling sales by attracting new and returning customers. With the SHAPES and TILES of the Obsidian Screen business owners can create custom 3D or 2D projection screen SHAPES to best suit their brand or logo. Utilizing the highest quality screen material Obsidian seamlessly joins panels to facilitate creative, attractive and massive displays. With Obsidian Screens potential and size are limitless, digital signage can scale to any level and will be highly visible from all angles.

Obsidian SHAPES are suitable for a wide range of light conditions and provide “beyond 180 degrees” viewing angles without sacrificing any color fidelity. They are the most creative, versatile, and visible digital canvas to date. TILES can be conjoined to form a single digital canvas or kept apart to form a variety of unique displays. Fully customizable Obsidian Screens facilitate contemporary marketing that stretches the limits of imagination.

Out-of-home displays continue to become more prominent in digital marketing, popping up in major cities all around the world in quantities like never before. Digital marketing is taking over the world of marketing thanks to creative freedom and unique customer impression opportunities. Obsidian Screens offer revolutionary world-leading ALR technology to clients ensuring they not only keep pace with the present of the fast-changing advertising world, but they lead digital marketing into its future.

If you want more foot traffic and sales, then contact our team and discover how our technology will help script a new chapter in your business growth.

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