Why homeowners are raving about Obsidian Screens

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Homeowners are raving about Obsidian Screens.

Obsidian Screens have introduced game-changing home theatre products with the use of the world’s most effective ALR projection screen technology. Obsidian Screens have a growing roster of commercial clients utilizing their technology for unbeatable digital marketing, and homeowners are gravitating toward this booming “out-of-box” technology revolutionizing entertainment.

Obsidian developed a high-performance ALR screen panel with technology relying on nanoparticles favoring the reflection of projector light instead of ambient light giving the screen its signature dark grey(obsidian) tint. Obsidian’s use of Ambient Light Rejecting (A.L.R.) technology means projection screens can be seen clearly with your lights on and windows open. Obsidian’s use of the most effective Nanotech ALR projection screen technology ensures vibrant, crystal-clear, and glare-free viewing from all angles and in every lighting condition.

The screens are lightweight easy to install foam, with curved contour options available, and come in several models.

Obsidian INFINITE allows users to experience visuals as vibrant and varied as they would in a dark theatre in any lighting. Obsidian INFINITE provides unprecedented ambient light rejection enabling vivid colours and deep blacks to pop usually unobservable outside of a fully darkened theatre to be fully realized in any lighting condition. Obsidian INFINITE boasts a premium high-contract seamless ALR front projection system and offers the option for a curved display to facilitate the best contrast performance in an immersive environment thanks to the perfectly curved contour.

Obsidian INFINITE + implements advanced optical light-bending materials to showcase a brighter and more uniform viewing experience without sacrificing the high-contrast or any other benefits of their Obsidian Nanofilter Technology.

Obsidian’s Platinum Series is their most versatile ALR projection screen, seamless, powerful, and capable of creating limitless impact with ease. The Platinum Series enables “Obsidian Quality” performance without the limitation of what projectors can be used. Platinum Series provides users with unlimited options on how to bring their state-of-the-art home theatre to life. 

As technology industries continue to advance and become more accessible home theatres continue to become more commonplace in households. Home theatres were already a booming subsector of the tech industry, but the COVID-19 pandemic has only driven up the demand for quality entertainment systems. People are spending more and more time at home, many have worked remotely for 2 years, and the residual effect has been a greater focus on quality of life and work-life balance. It’s no surprise that in our increasingly digitized and remote world homeowners are raving about the benefits of Obsidian’s world best ALR technology.

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