Amp up your family’s home theatre experience during the Holiday Season with an Obsidian projector screen

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When Chris Cavalieri and Adrian Kitai originally developed the Obsidian Projection Screen, using their versatile and seamless, Nano-filter ALR projection screen technology, they had their focus on the commercial signage market.

But they also had a feeling it may very well revolutionize the home theatre experience.

And they were right.

As Cavalieri explains, “For us, it’s been very fulfilling to turn that technology into something that’s actually viable, so we’ve made our technology for the first time to create an impact at home.”

As the world opens up, and families are finally able to reunite for the Holidays this year, there is a special excitement in the air, and the Obsidian Projection Screen will give families and friends a home theatre experience they won’t soon forget.   

Imagine how fun it will be over the holidays this year, gathered with the whole family watching the classics, like It’s a Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, Home Alone and even Die Hard, or the big Christmas Day football games on a crystal clear, flexible, and glare free projection screen that spans to any size wall.

Because the versatility of the Obsidian screen allows for outdoor use as well, those who live in warmer climates over the winter months can pleasantly surprise family and friends with backyard Holiday movies or sports, and due to the light-weight and flexible screen technology, the Obsidian screen can be made to any size.

With the screen itself being only a quarter-of-an-inch thick, or about six millimetres, and extremely light-weight, it is very simple to hang on any wall, indoors or outdoors, in as little as 30 minutes right out of the box, that is conveniently delivered right to your door.

Everything you need to get set-up to start enjoying a whole new home theatre experience this Holiday Season is delivered in one shipment, which also includes a specially selected, high-quality Obsidian Screen Projector, because the last thing anyone needs after gift shopping over the Holidays is having to shop around for a suitable projector.

Cavalieri adds, “We’ve tested it, and found very select projectors that work great out of the box, so it saves so many headaches and gives you the very best performance. With the ease in having everything needed delivered in one box, and a simple projection screen installation process, any room can quickly be converted into a home theatre.”

They say “absence makes the heart grow fonder” and this is exactly what makes this Holiday Season so special and exciting for so many families in Canada and the USA.

Gatherings in homes will have an overwhelming energy of joy and togetherness this particular Holiday Season, which deserves a new and exciting way to entertain the whole family, and the Obsidian Projection Screen is the perfect addition to any Holiday get together.  

Contact us today and take your entertainment experience to a whole new level.

Once you watch a sporting event or movie on our big screen, there is no going back – you will be sold on our technology right away!

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