Obsidian Screen Technologies redefines the “Silver Screen”

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We’ve all heard the term “the Silver Screen” which refers to early movie theater screens.  The early movie theater projectors were not powerful, and the screen had to be as bright as possible.

These old screens were silver in color, and they gave a bright picture, but only for viewers sitting is carefully positioned seats.  They suffered from what we call a “hot spot”, meaning that one part of the picture would look brighter than other parts.

When used today, the term “Silver Screen” refers to old movies, and even actors from ‘back in the day,’ so-to-speak; like, “a star from the Silver Screen era,” or, “that was a big hit on the Silver Screen.”

Today silver screens are being sold to unsuspecting home theater customers and they claim ALR performance.  But they still suffer from the ugly hot spot.

In 2022, Obsidian Nanotech is the new ALR Projection Screen technology that is poised to revolutionize both home theater and digital displays.

The company, Obsidian Screen Technologies, has a growing roster of commercial clients, as well as homeowners who want to amp up their home entertainment experience.

Business is now starting to boom for this “out-of-box” tech company that will take commercial and home experiences to new heights. More importantly, businesses looking to “wow” consumers are realizing first-hand the real benefits with this new technology.

“We developed a professional, very high performance ALR screen panel that is currently in use in commercial/industrial meeting rooms and open concept office spaces. The technology relies on nanoparticles that favor the reflection of projector light instead of ambient light. This gives our screens a dark grey tint, which is why we call this screen type Obsidian,” explains Adrian Kitai, who along with Chris Cavalieri, developed the Obsidian Screen, formally called Obsidian Screen Technologies.

Out-of-home displays are becoming more and more widely used in digital marketing, and if you’ve ever visited a major city in the world, like Toronto, New York or London, you’ve seen larger format displays inside major commercial, retail and transportation venues than ever before.

Cavalieri and Kitai developed the Obsidian Nanotech screen to revolutionize the commercial display market, and they are doing just that, with the world’s most effective ALR projection screen.

Cavalieri describes what makes his company’s technology stand out from the rest: “Obsidian uses the most effective, versatile, and robust Nanotech ALR projection screen technology that allows for vibrant, crystal-clear and glare-free viewing from all angles and lighting conditions”.

He adds, “If you want to create an impact, which is what most retail stores want to do, you can do a lot with the ‘shapes’ and ‘tiles’ of the Obsidian screen because the versatility of the screen material allows you to be as creative as you want to be.”

The versatility of the Obsidian Screen technology lets any sized commercial advertiser to create custom 3D or 2D projection screen SHAPES, to suite their brand. In addition, the Obsidian Screen TILES use the highest quality Nanotech ALR projection screen material to effortlessly join panels to form large, creative visual displays. Obsidian Screens are unlimited in size and potential and make digital displays infinitely scalable.

The SHAPES and TILES of the Obsidian’s Nanotech Projection Screen technology make digital displays simple, and the only limit on the display is the limit of the imagination, according to Kitai and Cavalieri.

Obsidian Screen Technologies is a member of The Forge – a business incubator funded by McMaster University, serving novel and scalable startups in the Hamilton, Greater Toronto, and Niagara Regions.

To learn more about this new technology and how it can help increase your return on advertising investment, visit www.obsidianscreens.com

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