Obsidian powers up the keynote stage at this year’s Better Business Expo

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If you are looking to amp up your brand, or home-entertainment experience, then you need to learn more about cutting-edge technology developed by Obsidian Screens.

The technology hit the market earlier this year, and now you can check it out at this year’s Better Business Expo in London, ON, on Friday, April 28, 2022, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM, at the Marconi Club of London.

Obsidian Screens, the developer of ALR Projection Screen technology, has the right solution for your business and your movie nights at home.

The Obsidian team will be on-hand at the big expo, powering up the keynote stage.

Obsidian Screens for Businesses

With this technology in your hands, the only limit to your campaign is your imagination. Among a crowd, ALR ensures you will not only be seen, with its unparallel glare-free visibility, but that you will create powerful lasting impressions.

The innovative Nano-filter ALR technology equips every type and size of business with the tools they need to attract more customers, in a simple, cost-effective, and visually stunning fashion. It’s no wonder business owners who want to be on the cutting-edge from all sectors are flocking to Obsidian Screens. Business owners already benefiting from the competitive advantage include retailers, grocers, travel agencies, healthcare and dental clinics, property management companies, and more.

Obsidian Screens are industry leaders in digital content marketing, their projection screens are ideal for showcasing any form of multimedia content such as pictures, videos, presentations, text, or apps.

Available in SHAPES and TILES, Obsidian Screens are incredibly versatile. Any sized commercial advertiser can create custom 3D or 2D projection screen SHAPES to suit their brand. Obsidian Screen TILES use the most advanced projection screen material available, Nanotech ALR projection screen material to seamlessly and effortlessly join panels to form infinitely scalable creative visual displays. Obsidian Screens are unlimited in size and potential.

Obsidian SHAPES can be tiled, curved, and machined to any size or shape. Visibility will not waver in changing light conditions and SHAPES “beyond 180 degree” viewing angles ensure the spectacular colours and image quality maximize impressions. Obsidian TILES can be effortlessly joined together to form any size of digital canvas or kept apart to form multiple unique and customizable displays.

Obsidian Screens for Home Entertainment

As technology industries continue to advance and become more accessible, home theatres continue to become more commonplace in households. Home theatres were already a booming subsector of the tech industry, but the COVID-19 pandemic has only driven up the demand for quality entertainment systems.

People are spending more and more time at home, many have worked remotely for 2 years, and the residual effect has been a greater focus on quality of life and work-life balance. It’s no surprise that in our increasingly digitized and remote world homeowners are raving about the benefits of Obsidian’s world best ALR technology.

The Better Business Expo in London, ON – April 28, 2022

The Better Business Expo is Canada’s premier business-to-business tradeshow and networking event. This event connects business professionals with the most innovative business development products and services. There are two components of the Better Business Expo. This event features a large business development tradeshow with over 50 exhibitors and a conference with keynote speakers and business leaders from the community.

The Better Business Expo allows you to connect with the communities most proactive suppliers of business development products and services. The open networking aspect attracts hundreds of business owners, executives and entrepreneurs looking for resources and contacts to help them start or grow their businesses.

You’re invited to attend this event and experience everything the London business community has to offer! Claim your free tickets and use promo code LIST.

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