Why Obsidian screen technologies will dominate the home entertainment market in 2022

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During the past two years of uneasy and uncertain times, and with the threat of yet more restrictions looming due to the emerging new variant of COVID-19, millions of families across Canada and the USA have been forced to spend more time at home than ever before in recent memory, predictably leading to an unprecedented demand for home theatre entertainment systems.

So, the question is this: What is the best type of home entertainment system that will perfectly suit your needs and will be enjoyed by the whole family? 

The dictionary definition of home entertainment refers to “media, equipment, and methods used for the delivery and enjoyment of various forms of entertainment in the home, and most commonly refers to home audio, cinema and video.”

And, the Obsidian Projection Screen technology is literally redefining home entertainment, because with the Obsidian Screen anyone can create a large screen home theatre that will, without doubt, “wow” family and friends.

The Obsidian Projection Screen was developed by Chris Cavalieri and Adrian Kitai, who knew their versatile and seamless Nano-filter ALR projection screen technology will revolutionize the home theatre experience.

This is because the light-weight and flexible screen technology provides an outstanding, crystal clear, and glare-free projection that can span to fit any size wall, and its extremely light-weight material and frame make it very simple to install virtually anywhere, both indoors and outdoors (preferably at night).

“For us, it’s been very fulfilling to turn our technology into something that’s actually viable, so we’ve made our technology, for the first time, to create an impact at home,” says Chris Cavalieri.

Everything you need to have the most advanced, state-of-the-art home theatre system in your home is shipped directly to your door, which includes the highest quality projector.

The projector that accompanies the Obsidian Screen has been fully tested to function perfectly with Obsidian’s Nano-filter ALR projection screen technology.

As Chris explains, “We’ve tested it, and found very select projectors that work great out-of-the-box, so it saves so many headaches and gives you the very best performance.”  

When the pandemic took its hold, forcing families to gather in their homes, the demand for streaming services exploded, bringing the biggest blockbusters into homes around the world, and the desire to enjoy streaming entertainment on bigger and better screens has increased exponentially along with it.

As this new strain of the Omicron Variant threatens us with even more indoor time at home, the Obsidian Projection Screen is prepared to meet the increase in demand in a big way, by bringing their Nano-filter ALR projection screen technology to homes, and even apartments and condos everywhere.  

Are you looking to boost your home theatre entertainment experience today?

If you are, then you have landed on the right website. Contact our team today to learn more about our technology and how it will help put smiles on everyone’s face.

Set the movie night up,, get the drinks and popcorn ready, and let Obsidian Technologies change your entertainment world for the better!

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