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There is a science to capturing the attention of a potential customer, not only to view your advertisement, but to ultimately take action, and move toward a purchase.

And when it comes to visual advertising, size, and shape matter.

Like a moth to a streetlight, human beings are attracted to big, bright flashy things, and if you’ve ever visited a major city in the world, like Toronto, New York or London, then you’ve seen projection screens hundreds of feet wide and several stories tall, so it’s crystal clear that advertisers know this too, and so does Obsidian Screen Technologies Inc.

Chris Cavalieri and Adrian Kitai developed the Obsidian screen to revolutionize the commercial signage market, and they are doing just that, with the world’s most effective ALR projection screen.

The shapes and tiles of the Obsidian’s projection screen technology make digital signage not only simple, but the only limit on the display is the limit of the imagination.

“If you want to create an impact, which is what most retail stores want to do, you can do a lot with the shapes and tiles of the Obsidian screen, because the versatility of the screen material allows you to be as creative as you want to be,” says Chris Cavalieri. “Obsidian uses the most effective, versatile, and seamless Nano-filter ALR projection screen technology that allows for crystal-clear and glare-free viewing from all angles,” he adds.  

The versatility of the Obsidian Screen technology allows the commercial advertiser to create custom 3D or 2D projection screen SHAPES to suit their brand or logo. In addition, the Obsidian Screen TILES utilize the highest quality screen material to seamlessly and effortlessly join panels to form large, creative, and very attractive displays.

“Obsidian Screens are unlimited in size and potential, and make digital signage infinitely scalable, and most importantly, highly visible from all angles,” explains Kitai.

He adds, “Obsidian’s projection screens allow for the creation of highly attractive, versatile, and exceptionally high-quality digital signage, that can be scalable to any size and shape, and is a perfect fit for all types of businesses, from small to large, and from retail to big box stores.”

By making use of projection and off-the-shelf projection mapping software, advertisers and business owners can easily drive several unique and distinctive signs and displays at once all from a single source: The projector. This makes digital signage much easier to set up and great for the budget when lighting up big spaces that are being driven for big results.

This new Nano-filter ALR projection screen technology from Obsidian Screen Technologies Inc. is poised to revolutionize digital advertising, giving every type and size of business the opportunity to attract more customers, in the most cost-effective and visually attractive way possible, thus boosting the bottom-line.

Obsidian is a member of The Forge – a business incubator funded by McMaster University, serving novel and scalable startups in the Hamilton, Greater Toronto and Niagara Regions.

To learn more about this new technology and how it can help increase your return on your advertising investment, visit Obsidian Screens today!

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