Obsidian Screens set to showcase its new technology at the Quinte Home and Lifestyle Show

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If you are planning on attending this year’s Quinte Home Lifestyle Show and want to amp up your entertainment space, then it’s a must that you check out new technology being offered by Obsidian Screens.

That’s right, Obsidian Screens is set to showcase its new technology at the show, which is being held from April 14-16, 2023. The event, now celebrating its 50th Anniversary, is one of the largest home shows between Toronto and Ottawa. Last year there were over 100+ exhibitors.

The Quinte Home and Lifestyle Show is being hosted by the Quinte Home Builders Association and Quinte Smart Homes are exhibiting a double booth to attendees to check out.

The three-day show is being held at the Quinte Sports and Wellness Centre at 265 Cannifton Road in Belleville, Ontario. You can purchase tickets at Eventbrite and use code QSH2023 for $3 off. Single Day Pass is $9.85; and Weekend Pass is $11.98. Tickets will also be available at the door. You can also visit Quinte Home Builders’ Association to learn more about the event and the long list of exhibitors.

Obsidian Screens are ideal on the home lifestyle front and for business owners too. From “blah” to “wow” – this new technology is mind blowing and scripts a whole new chapter for home entertainment and even advertising.

As technology industries continue to advance and become more accessible, home theatres continue to become more commonplace in households. Home theatres were already a booming subsector of the tech industry, but the COVID-19 pandemic only drove up the demand for quality entertainment systems. The rest is history, and just about everyone now has a home theatre room or home entertainment space.

It’s no surprise that in our increasingly digitized and remote world, homeowners are raving about the benefits of Obsidian’s world best ALR technology.

Simply put, Obsidian’s world-leading ALR technology makes sense.

Older projection screens provided a bright picture, but only for viewers seated in carefully positioned seats. The picture had what we call a “hot spot,” which means one part was brighter than the rest. It is common today for screen manufacturers to claim ALR performance to unsuspecting home theatre customers. However, they still suffer from ugly hot spots.

Obsidian Nanotech revolutionize digital displays and home theatres with its ALR Projection Screen technology. With Obsidian Screen displays you can experience the best the home theatre industry has to offer. Obsidian’s use of Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) technology ensures glare-free viewing wherever you are. Meaning homeowners don’t need a darkened theatre to get the most out of their viewing experience and technology. Obsidian Screens also boast stunning visuals, projecting the deepest blacks and the most vibrant colours.

Obsidian Screens are what your home theatre has been missing.

A high-performance ALR screen panel has been developed by Obsidian using nanoparticles to reflect projector light instead of ambient light. It is this technology that gives the screen it’s signature dark grey tint (obsidian). Obsidian Screens showcase the highest quality of displays in every setting.

With their dynamic ALR screen panels, Obsidian Screens have revolutionized the entertainment world. Now you can enjoy movies, gaming, news, sports and more during the day or night. There are no limitations with this new technology.

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