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Business owners always have to be conscious of new ways to stand out from the crowd and attract customer attention.

This rings particularly true in the first quarter of 2023 wherein, for a variety of reasons, they may be vying for the attention of a smaller group of customers.

With ongoing inflation concerns present in the minds of Canadians, the outlook for some retail sectors is shaky. The Bank of Canada predicts that the economy will slow down sharply throughout 2023. In a cost-conscious marketplace customers will be more discerning about where to spend their money. This means it will be more important than ever to stand out from the crowd and state your case for their custom.

Businesses are not typically booming in the early months of a new year for a number of reasons. Consumers tend to spend less in the early months of the year after the holiday season as they recover from overspending. In some industries, such as swimwear or outdoor gear retailers, the demand fluctuates seasonally, and they may sell fewer items in the off-season. Customer mobility may be affected by harsh winter weather conditions, which can discourage them from shopping in stores. In response to specific events or market trends, some companies may modify their sales strategies and postpone major promotions or product launches until later in the year.

However, as the snow melts and spring rolls in, business owners should be prepared to nab the attention of customers coming out of winter hibernation.

Obsidian Screens uses revolutionary limitless digital signage to capture the attention of more customers while showcasing everything your brand has to offer.

It is becoming increasingly important for businesses to use projection and large-scale imaging in their marketing campaigns. However, traditional projection technology has its limitations, especially when used for public marketing efforts. It is essential to consider ambient light and operative space when using traditional projection technology. When front projection is used, ambient light reflected by the projection surface will be reflected with the projected image. This means that in the absence of a dark environment, brightness and contrast will be diminished.

Obsidian Screen’s Ambient Light Rejecting ALR) technology means your display will be unaffected by the elements and fully visible in any setting.

The infinite sizing and scalability of these screens ensure they are the perfect canvas for any campaign. Obsidian Screens will stand out among the crowd in any environment, never sacrificing the boldness, brightness, or vibrance of any displays. 

Contact us today and amp up your brand and sales!

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