Why your retail space needs Obsidian Screens this Holiday Season

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For many retailers, the Holiday Season is the most important time of the year.

And while retail sales during the holidays are always high, last year, holiday retail sales reached $789.4 billion despite the continued fallout from the pandemic, many retailers will be vying for consumer attention. To take advantage of the high traffic of window-shopping customers it is imperative your brand stands out from the crowd.

Obsidian Screens use Ambient Light Rejecting (ALR) projection screens that are seamless, powerful, and deliver unlimited impact.

Digital signage is key to success in an ever-competitive marketing field. A superior-quality viewing experience is provided by Obsidian Screens. With their ALR technology, they ensure glare-free viewing from every angle and under any light condition. Colors are vibrant and blacks are deep, and images are never compromised by daylight or shadow. That means Obsidian Screens images can cut through an area crowded with competing lights without appearing washed out and will stay impactful even in the shadows of a gloomy December day.

When it comes to capturing audience attention, visibility is not the only component, you need a canvas that can be manipulated to suit whatever display is in your imagination. With enticing offers, you can attract new and existing audiences with digital signage displays during the holidays. One of the benefits of digital signage is that you can change it easily, or add new slides to presentations. Add new content or remove old content and have it live instantly – without being anywhere near the screen. Hence, it is ideally suited for timely, relevant Christmas campaigns that can be removed quickly once the event has passed.

There are two main types of Obsidian Screens available for commercial use, each offering the same astonishing quality and endless possibilities for showcasing your brand or organization. Commercial advertising is revolutionized by Obsidian SHAPES and Obsidian TILES.

Obsidian SHAPES offers unparalleled front projection performance and visibility due to Obsidian Nano filter Technology. Due to their outstanding colour fidelity and ambient light rejection, Obsidian SHAPES are able to produce stunning colours and images in challenging lighting conditions. Obsidian SHAPES can be tiled, curved, and machined to fit any size or shape, offering endless possibilities. Creating creative, eye-catching shapes and features in 2D and 3D is only limited by your imagination. The colors and image quality of Obsidian TILES are exceptional under all conditions. It’s easy to create a digital canvas of any size with TILES, or you can keep them separated to create a variety of display options.

With maximum visibility and limitless creativity, Obsidian Screens is helping retailers stand out this Holiday Season.

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